Business Setup

Starting a Business in Qatar is very easy when you have the right and required paperwork. If you are considering setting up a business in Qatar, Blue link helps you to guide outlines the whole process including tax, admin, employment laws, and more..

Business setup in Qatar


How to Starting Up A Business In Qatar

Starting a business in Qatar is very easy when you have the right and required paperwork. So if you’re planning on getting your business incorporated its not easy, However, the documents required, the languages of the documents and the process of acquiring them can be yet long and sometimes tricky, therefore; if you are not familiar with Qatar rules and preferred language, you might find the formation process difficult, Blue link, we will facilitate the business formation and take care of everything for you.


Requirements and Steps of Setting a company in Qatar

                      ►Step 1- Local Sponsor

                      ►Step 2- Trade Name

                      ►Step 3 Articles of Incorporation

                      ►Step 4- Issue the CR

                      ►Step 5- Trade License

                      ►Step 6- Establishment ID (Computer Card)


Qatari Sponsor

In order to set an WLL or LLC company in a Qatar, you need to have a local sponsor. A local sponsor owns 51% of the capital’s name but without investing any of his funds in the company.  A local sponsor does not have to take any of the company’s profit but can take his share in various other profit sharing forms such as getting an annual fixed fee or a percentage of the revenue. 

Also we can provide a special service of Corporate Local partner to act as the majority shareholder on any newly establishing or existing onshore license


Legal Structures of the Company

                    Limited Liability Company (LLC)
                    Foreign Company Branches
                    Commercial Agencies
                    Representative Trade Offices
                    General Partnership Company
                    Limited Share Partnership Company
                    Holding Company
                   Public Shareholding Company
                   Joint Venture


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