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PRO Service Providers in Qatar

Setting up a business in Qatar has numerous advantages. It opens up a door of opportunities. Qatar possesses strong economy and firm political stability. Besides established infrastructure Qatar government have also brought developments plans which promotes investors. Corporate Tax rate in Qatar is also very low. 

If you are planning to set up a business in Qatar, it is recommended to hire a consultancy to assist you regarding various procedures and documentations. They will have apt knowledge about the process and will suggest the most feasible option for setting up the business. Blue Link services, global visa consultant Qatar is one of the leading PRO service providers in Qatar. We offer efficient and effective PRO service.  

Being the best PRO service providers in Qatar we undertakes all the activities regarding the documentation and paper work needed for setting up a business in Qatar. Government documentation like trade license, labour cards, visa application is covered by us. 

Blue Link assist in:

  • Visa application and processing
  • Trade registration (including any renewal or amendment)
  • All requirement regarding company licence
  • Legal Translations
  • Certificate attestation
  • Processing Immigration paper work
  • Import Export licenses
  • Trademark registration
  • MOFA attestation
  • Establishment Id
  • Customs etc

Starting a business in Qatar 

Foreign citizen who wish to start business in Qatar should have a) USD 55,000  which is the minimum authorized share capital b)a partner who is a Qatar citizen (Qatari partner are usually passive) . 

In some exemptions like in health, agriculture, education industries the Ministry of Business and Trade allow 100 per cent ownership to foreign nationals. 

Setting up an E-commerce business in Qatar is profitable since it is a niche area. Also there is no need for a permanent residence for such businesses. You have to register an E-commerce with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI), the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) or Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP).

Free Zone Company can be easily registered in Qatar and they have several advantages too (like 100 per cent foreign company ownership, zero corporate income tax, no personal income tax etc). The authorities who oversee the activities of such companies are Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA), Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) and Qatar Financial Center (QFC).

You can only start hiring employees for your business after the business have been set up. If you are planning to hire foreign nationals then approval from the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Interior should be taken before the workers start their employment. 

PRO Service 

PRO service providers will help you throughout the different stages for setting up any type of business in Qatar. All the Government regulation and paper work will be efficiently carried out with minimal error. PRO service providers will also help you to find partners in Qatar for your business. Completely reliable they can be trusted for starting any business.  For further queries and information get in touch with Blue Link, PRO service providers in Qatar.