Outsourcing PRO Services To Assist You With Your Business

Starting a business in a foreign country has many advantages but it also comes with complex procedures. If you are not familiar with the process and the requirements which you have to meet then it will be difficult to move forward with the idea of starting a business. Operating a business without adhering to the rules and regulations of the country can land you in legal trouble. Therefore it is always advisable to contact a consultancy agency while setting up a business in a foreign country. They will provide you adequate guidance and assist you in setting up a business easily. 

Blue Link services offer the best pro service in Qatar. If you are looking for outsourcing PRO services in Qatar then you can contact us with complete trust. We will help you at each stage of business. Our team will be there for you throughout all the procedures, from the initial planning to its implementation. You can approach us even after setting up the business. We will help you out with all the queries and clarifications. 

Top quality reliable service in Qatar

Foreign nationals investing in Qatar should have a share capital of minimum USD 55,000. There should also be a Qatari partner. Different types of business structures are available in Qatar. For instance General Partnership Company, Sole Proprietorship Company, Simple Partnership Company, Limited Liability Company, Shareholding Company and so on. The rules and laws set by the authorities are different for different structures. Blue Link will help in meeting all the regulatory compliances efficiently. Our team is competent with sufficient knowledge and expertise. Documentation and paper work will be carried out by us with minimum error. We will assist in finding the most suitable Qatari partner for your business. Our team will also help in searching the most cost effective option for a business space. 

Expand your business

Vast knowledge blended with expertise has turned Blue Link services into one of the best PRO services company in Qatar. Our efficient and prompt service will save your time and money. We also provide consultancy service for expanding your business. With us you can do business in Qatar with complete confidence. All procedures involved in doing business are taken care of by us. From trade registration to its renewal and amendment is done by us. We also aid in acquiring Import Export License, Establishment Id, Customs, Company License, Trademark Registration, MOFA Attestations, Legal Translations, and so on. Along with quick processing we also assure fast resolution of issues. Through our operational efficiency and constructive framework we deliver dependable and infallible service. All our services are offered at the best competitive rate.

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