How Many Types of Visas Are There in Qatar?

Visa is mandatory to enter Qatar for almost all foreign nationals. People visit Qatar for different reasons. Some may be moving to Qatar for work while some may be visiting Qatar for vacation. There are many types of visas to enter Qatar. Depending on the reasons of the visit it is necessary to apply for the right type of visa.  It is always advised to take the help of visa services in Qatar to ensure that proper procedures are followed when applying for visa. Blue Link services the leading global visa service Qatar will help you with the complete process of visa application. Being the leading service provider of visa services in Qatar we have personnel who are experts with adequate knowledge about global visa service Qatar. 

Some of the Common requirements for Qatar Visa Applications are given below:

1. Valid Passport – Validity at least six months and for 90 days at least after the visit ends
2. Visa application filled and signed
3. Details of Bank Account
4. Travel proof
5. Job appointment proof
6. Travel insurance
7. Company Registration Proof

Types of Qatar Visas

Qatar Work Visas 

The Work Visa in Qatar is taken care of by the company or the employer. It is valid for a short period that is 1-3 months. It is obtained for people who are planning to work in Qatar for a short period for instance till the completion of a project. Those of who are applying for this Visa should produce and get approval of the authentic employment contract by the Ministry of Labor. During the work period the said applicant have to work the employer with whom the contract has been made. When the work ends he/she should also leave immediately from Qatar. 

Qatar Tourist Visa

Qatar Tourist Visa is given on arrival to citizens from certain countries. Qatar short tourist visa is valid for two weeks while Qatar long tourist visa is valid for three months. Travel details such as hotel reservation or proof of relative residing in Qatar is necessary. 

Qatar Business Visa

This visa is granted for those who are working in a Qatari company. Valid for two weeks it can be further extended for four weeks. The Qatari company applies for this visa and representative of the company or owner submits the visa application. 

Qatar Family Visa

Family visa can be applied for the immediate family of an employee working in Qatar. The worker can become the sponsor of the family. The visa does not have a validity period and the family can stay until the time the employee sponsor them. 

Qatar Visit Visa

You can get this visa if any of your relatives who are staying in Qatar is sponsoring you. The Qatar Visit Visa validity is six months. 

Qatar GCC Resident Visa

Those with approved work belonging to Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) country can get Qatar GCC Resident Visa. Valid for one month it can be extended for  three more months. 

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