Certificate Attestation in Qatar- Is It As Simple As They Say?

Qatar is a beautiful nation offering high quality of living, high GDP, world class facilities, good educational system, remarkable healthcare system, excellent job opportunities, business possibilities and many more. Just like any other country there are many procedures and pre-requisite which have to be followed by anyone visiting, relocating or migrating to Qatar. Certificate attestation is one such requirement. It is a compulsory legal process which proves that you are entering the nation legally and your background have been verified. It proves that your documents and certificates are original and true. 

Certificate attestation is long process and the verification and attestation have to be done efficiently. Document attestation in Qatar should be done properly since it has to be checked at different levels. The time taken for certificate attestation in Qatar cannot be specified or given specifically. It is therefore advised to get the assistance of professional attestation agency in Qatar, if you are looking for certificate attestation in Qatar. Before deciding on an agency for document attestation in Qatar you have to check whether they are experienced, well established and most importantly legitimate. 

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Documents that are normally given for certificate attestation in Qatar include commercial documents, educational certificates and personal documents. Commercial documents - Registration Certificate, Licenses, Board of Resolution, Certificate of Incorporation etc. 

Educational Documents – Degree Certificates, Diploma Certificates, Teacher Education Certificate etc. 
Personal Documents - Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Salary Certificate, Medical Certificate etc.

Document attestation in Qatar, along with the authenticity also establishes a trust about you with Qatar government. The procedure of Qatar attestation involves attestation from notary, SHD or HRD, SDM, the MEA and the Embassy. 

Attestation at the regional level 

This is the primary stage of attestation and here verification and attestation is done by the notary or the University or the Chamber of Commerce from where the certificates have been issued. 

State Government Level Attestation

Verification and certification according to the document type have to be obtained from specific departments. The different departments include State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). 

MEA Stamp 

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) verification and attestation with stamp have to be done. MEA deal with the foreign affairs of the country and is the last stage of attestation from home government. 

Attestation from Embassy

This is done after MEA attestation and is done at the embassy of the country to which the individual is moving. 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)

MOFA attestation is required for gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar and is done directly by the ministry.